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Indian brand Ripped Up adds four different liquid tincture mushroom extracts to its family

Ripped Up Nutrition Mushroom Extract Tinctures

Ripped Up Nutrition is one of the stronger domestic supplement companies out of India that has grown itself quite an extensive selection of sports nutrition products for many important categories, including all of the mainstream spots like pre-workout, weight loss, and protein powder. This month, it has rolled out a series of uniquely liquid tincture supplements, each of them named after its one and only ingredient, and those ingredients are all functional mushroom extracts.

The latest from Ripped Up Nutrition is Liquid Extract Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Shiitake Mushroom; again, all of them come in liquid format and in tincture bottles, meaning you serve them per concentrated drop. All of the products claim a one-to-five extract concentration, saying a small 2ml serving is equal to 4,000mg of each of the mushroom extracts, offering their signature benefits such as performance support from Cordyceps and focus for Lion’s Mane.

To keep things nice and simple, all four of Ripped Up Nutrition’s Mushroom Liquid Extract supplements are available in 50ml bottles, divided up any way you please, and the price, regardless of which one you go with, is exactly the same at ₹1,467 (17.56 USD) each.