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Rule One’s new Burn and Lean let you decide caffeine or caffeine-free, and pill or powder

Rule One Burn And Lean

The team at Rule One has revealed and released the previously mysterious supplement, which we suspected to be some sort of weight loss-type formula coming in pill and powder format. We were half right, as the brand has indeed introduced a new fat burner, but there are actually two: one called Burn and the other Lean. They can be used alongside one another, and as suspected from the teaser, both of them come in capsules as well as flavored powder, it is up to you how you take them.

Rule One has put similar sets of ingredients in each of its all-new weight loss supplements, Burn and Lean, with the biggest difference between them being that Lean doesn’t have any stimulants, while Burn does at a noticeably energizing 200mg of caffeine from a variety of sources. Despite the overlap, you can still use the two together for even greater fat loss results as it only pumps up the dosages of those common components like carnitine tartrate, tyrosine, and grains of paradise.

Rule One Burn Label

The formula above is for Rule One’s Burn, the stimulant-backed supplement of the two, featuring 1.5g of carnitine tartrate for metabolism, 20mg of grains of paradise and CapsiMax at 25mg supporting thermogenesis, grapefruit extract, decaffeinated green tea and green coffee bean, a gram each of taurine and focus-enhancing tyrosine, and again, 200mg of caffeine. Where Lean differs is that it doesn’t have the caffeine or green coffee bean but does have added coconut water, garcinia cambogia, and apple cider vinegar, replacing the energy rather than simply removing it.

Interestingly, the formulas also change in the capsule variants of Burn and Lean, where they take out some of the ingredients that require the heftier dosages like taurine and tyrosine, and swap in ginger root, the natural diuretic dandelion root, coleus forskohlii, and a higher double dose of grains of paradise.

Rule One is selling Burn and Lean directly through its online store, and if you can get over there shortly, you can use the coupon code “BURNLEAN40” and save a strong 40% on both weight management supplements for the powders or capsules. That significantly drops 30 serving bottles of the products from their usual $34.99 down to $20.99, meaning two units of either version or variant will cost almost the same as the regular price of one, and there are four flavors for both Burn and Lean.