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Sister brand SD Pharmaceuticals drops a Ripped Freak-complementing standalone

Sd Pharmaceuticals Carnitine 750

SD Pharmaceuticals is the sister brand to PharmaFreak that focuses more on simple and straightforward supplements, long known as the single ingredient specialist. It has several of your usual standalone products like creatine and collagen, as well as plenty of not-so-common items, making it quite a great source for filling holes in your monthly stack. This week, a fresh new addition to the SD family is rolling out to retailers across Canada, and it actually goes nicely with PharmaFreak’s signature Ripped Freak.

Carnitine 750 is the title of the latest SD Pharmaceuticals innovation, which is, of course, a carnitine supplement, specifically carnitine tartrate at the title-mentioned 750mg in each of its capsules, providing a precise half a gram of actual carnitine. This is a bulk standalone product, giving you plenty of capsules at 120 for a price of $29.99 (21.79 USD) in Canadian retailers, and again, it can be stacked nicely with the likes of PharmaFreak Ripped Freak or any other carnitine-free fat burner for additional weight loss support.