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Eight-figure clear protein brand SEEQ puts a call out to the public for interested investors

Seeq Looking For Investors

SEEQ is one of the many brands in the world of health and nutrition that specializes in one specific category of supplements, and that is clear-style protein powder. Since its debut all the way up until now, it has only ever sold clear and refreshing fruit-flavored protein products. It has done a great job in that one subcategory of the saturated space of protein powder, consistently putting together intriguing and creative flavor extensions and running some quirky promotions and campaigns.

SEEQ has come out this week with a call to fans, followers, and anyone open to an opportunity where it is looking for investors to help it reach its goal of becoming the number one player in the world of clear protein, which is a challenge as there is big competition out there from much more experienced companies. SEEQ is hoping to talk to individuals with money to invest and, in turn, scale its production and distribution, and would prefer them to have experience in the CPG space..

As mentioned, the colorfully branded SEEQ has done a great job with its specialized approach and focus on clear protein powder and is proud to say last year it did eight figures in revenue — $10,000,000 plus — which is impressive for one type of supplement. You can reach out to the brand via, and if you’re more of a connecting person and know someone who might be of interest, SEEQ has promised to reward successful referrers with a year’s supply of its protein powder.

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