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Seemingly citrusy Sunburn flavor continues the growth of SSN’s SMAC Energy Drink

Ssn Sunburn Smac Energy Drink

It was not too long ago that Swedish sports nutrition company SSN released a second flavor of its more traditional energizing beverage SMAC Energy, separate from the SMAC Pre-Workout beverage, where the main ingredient is simply 140mg of caffeine. The anytime, anywhere product debuted in a flavor called Ice Blue, then a month or so ago that was joined by an intriguingly named Emerald Breeze, and this month, the busy brand is back, giving SMAC Energy its third flavor.

Coming on board and joining SSN’s original Ice Blue and recent Emerald Breeze is a recipe similar to the latter in a taste that is not overly descriptive based on the name with Sunburn. Unfortunately, similar to Emerald Breeze, we have no idea what the Sunburn SMAC Energy Drink is meant to taste like, although considering the name and colors, we’re guessing something citrusy. You still get that same 140mg of caffeine, and it’s nice and clean with no sugar and low calories.

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