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Starbucks announces its hybrid protein and coffee beverage in three familiar flavors

Starbucks Protein Drink

Mainstream brands and names have been creeping into the world of health and nutrition more and more in recent years, whether that be by way of a sugarless energy drink, some sort of functional offering infused with vitamins and minerals, or a product with extra protein. The last one on that list is the more common way to go, as protein association is a quick way to be recognized as something better for you, and that is what the coffee giant Starbucks is about to bring to the market.

Starbucks Protein Drink is an all-new beverage that combines an authentic coffee taste, something Starbucks most certainly knows how to deliver, and high-protein. The beverage is going to pack a little less than the usual amount of protein in the likes of protein powder or a ready-to-drink item at 20g with no added sugar, presumably reasonable carbohydrates, and low fat. They do have coffee in them as well, as mentioned, so we imagine that means there is also a bit of caffeine.

The upcoming Starbucks Protein Drink is rolling out to shelves in the UK in three flavors, all familiar coffee experiences in a classic CafĂ© Latte, and the more flavorful Caramel Hazelnut and Chocolate Mocha. It is great to see a mainstream name and establishment like Starbucks encourage higher intake of protein, as it helps elevate the industry as a whole. It brings new interest to the world of health and nutrition supplements, whether that be powder or a beverage like Starbucks’ innovation.