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Featuring teasers, previews and unveilings on Stack3d now an easier and efficient process

Submit A News Story To Stack3d

One of the biggest requests we get, significantly more in recent years as we’ve grown in popularity, is an efficient way to get news over to Stack3d, especially for sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drink companies that we haven’t communicated with at any point. We do our best to share absolutely any sort of teaser, preview, product breakdown, and launch, in fact, a lot of the time, we are overrun and have to prioritize more complete stories and prominent announcements.

As an answer to all of that, we’ve created a Submit A News Story page, where you can do exactly as it is titled: send through an announcement or news story you would like to see shared in the Stack3d newsfeed and social media channels. This could be content from individuals and representatives of brands that fit into the areas we stay on top of and cover, or even if you’re a general reader and spot something out in the wild, feel free to reach out through the Submit page.

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