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Swedish Supplements drops the pump support completely in its revamped Project X

Swedish Supplements Improved Project X

The occasionally hardcore sports nutrition brand Swedish Supplements recently revamped its premium pre-workout, no, not the unforgettably named and stimulant-powered I Am F#cked Up, the more mainstream-titled Project X. The new version carries over a few ingredients from its predecessor and keeps a rather different of balance in terms of benefits and effects, although there are a few components that have been added or swapped in to support the experience, and that’s where they differ.

Swedish Supplements’ new and improved Project X pre-workout is mostly recognizable by the fact that each of its flavors has a different colored label design, as opposed to the previous iteration, where no matter the taste on the inside or in the flavor callout, the branding was green. Moving on to the combination of ingredients and dosages, Project X is still built to support a comprehensive performance in the gym, although this time around, there is less or nothing for pumps and a lot for energy and focus.

The breakdown of ingredients in Swedish Supplements’ refreshed Project X pre-workout comes with 4g of beta-alanine, a gram of taurine, and 3g of classic creatine monohydrate for performance and strength. Moving on down the label of the product, everything else in realistically in there for energy and focus, including 250mg of citicoline, yerba mate, half a gram each of choline bitartrate and lion’s mane, 2g of tyrosine, a strong 300mg of caffeine, and another 300mg of the premium, caffeineless stimulant Zynamite.

Interestingly, Swedish Supplements has moved Project X closer to the sort of experience you get in I Am F#cked Up, a mostly stimulant-powered experience, as it too doesn’t have anything to improve and enhance muscle pumps, a bit for performance, but primarily it’s an energy and focus formula. The revamped Project X pre-workout is hitting retailers across the brand’s home country of Sweden with 22 maximum servings per tub, a pinch more than the original 20 and in five fruity flavor options.