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Tom Brady’s TB12 adds a health and wellness side to its selection for energy, recovery and sleep

Tb12 Perform Recover Sleep Protect

Tom Brady’s brand TB12 has taken a page out of the book of the more advanced sports nutrition companies on the market and crafted a health and wellness line to go alongside its more traditional selection of products, including a whey protein powder, plant-based protein, and electrolyte-fueled hydration formula. The new additions to TB12 are all branded slightly different from the others with a bright white theme and vector patterns, and they all focus on one specific area of health and performance.

There are four supplements in total coming to Tom Brady’s TB12 starting with Perform, featuring Sensoril ashwagandha at a strong half a gram per serving, Rhodiolife rhodiola, the caffeine-free stimulant Zynamite, and Zembrin to help support performance, energy, and focus. Next is Recover, which is more about recovering from intense exercise and supporting inflammation and joint health with premium and proven CherryPure tart cherry, Curucgreen curcumin, AquaLOX boswellia, and Biovaflex egg membrane.

Next on the list in TB12’s latest lot of innovation we have Protect, a dedicated immune health product, another incredibly important area of health, wellness, and performance, and that relies on elderberry, Wellmune beta glucan, zinc, vitamin c, and the dietary fiber ResistAid larch tree extract. The fourth and final TB12 product, and it’s also one that you would round out your day with in Sleep, built to improve and enhance sleep and nighttime recovery with theanine, chamomile, GABA, magnesium, and melatonin.

The new supplements from Tom Brady and TB12 are well put together, relying on quality ingredients and some impressive, respectable dosages, although their prices are much higher than we expected even with a subscription. They sit in the range of 40 to $60 for a one month’s supply, which is a lot for specialized products with these formulas, with Perform and Recover being at the top end of $60. You can bring that down 10% with a subscription or if you grab a set of all four it comes down a bit more with 18% off.