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Panda’s latest partnership is with V1 Nutra and potentially involves three separate products

Teaser of Panda Supplements X V1 Nutra

Panda Supplements, one of the most frequent when it comes to inter-brand collaborations in the sports nutrition industry, has come and revealed its next big partnership, and it is a big one in terms of the partner and the number of products that appear to be coming. Panda is getting together with Konlan James’ well-known brand, V1 Nutra, and while we don’t know exactly what the two have cooked up, it’s safe to assume it’ll be a pre-workout, as so far, all inter-brand collabs have been for that category.

Interestingly, in Panda Supplements and V1 Nutra’s teaser video for their upcoming and highly-anticipated supplement, we get a look at three separate situations or scenes surrounding unmarked bottles of a powder product. This is what we mean by it being a big one regarding the number of items involved, as two are colored black and one is white, but again, they’re each depicted in a completely different setting, leading us to believe we’re potentially in for three flavors, versions, or supplements.

As with any great teaser and build-up campaign, we’re excited to see how this unfolds and find out what exactly Panda Supplements and V1 Nutra have created together. The three different flavors, products, or whatever they may be, certainly add an exciting twist, and have us extremely curious, with the complete reveal and availability expected to be here in the coming days and weeks.