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Assassin and Shogun’s original brand is returning in all of its hardcore glory

Anarchy Labs Returning With Five Supplements

Before Assassin became the powerhouse stimulant pre-workout it’s known as under Apollon Nutrition, and before Shogun blended high stimulants and weight loss at the two-time Brand Of The Year, those two supplements were available from a brand named Anarchy Labs. If Apollon is regularly referred to as the hardcore brand, then Anarchy Labs is what inspired that level of intensity and potency, as it was the origin of those reputable products Assassin and Shogun.

Anarchy Labs and its set of supplements, including Assassin, Shogun, as well as Warrior, were eventually discontinued or absorbed into Apollon Nutrition, but in the coming weeks, it is going to be resurrected in all of its original glory. The team that was once behind the brand, as well as Apollon, has announced Anarchy is returning with more products than it previously had, five to be exact, and one of those will indeed be the potent stimulant pre-workout Assassin.

The revamped Anarchy Labs is bringing over Assassin from Apollon Nutrition, and again, it’ll be hitting the market alongside four other sports nutrition supplements, all continuing that next-level, hardcore reputation the brand is known for. We look forward to seeing how everything turns out, especially since Apollon was already considered one of the most hardcore competitors out there, and Anarchy is going to somehow take things up a notch from all of that.