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Thank Pump For That gets a stimulant-filled spin-off that’s all about energy and focus

Dna Sports Thank Stim For That

Thank Pump For That is DNA Sports well-put-together pump pre-workout that doesn’t feature any stimulants; it is primarily designed to improve and enhance muscle pumps, or if you prefer to stack your supplements, it can further improve pumps. The reputable UK brand has taken that same sort of approach in a similarly named but alternatively focused pre-workout called Thank Stim For That, which, instead of centering around pumps, is all about stimulants.

DNA Sports has formulated Thank Stim For That with six ingredients, all transparently dosed and true to the name; they’re all included for the purpose of stimulation, supporting the typical sensory benefits of intense energy and tunnel-vision level focus. There is caffeine in this one, so it’s not something you can stack with an energy drink or other pre-workout that involves high amounts of caffeine, although it is more than you’ll need to get your mind and body going.

Dna Sports Thank Stim For That Label

Thank Stim For That from DNA Sports brings together 2g of tyrosine, 100mg of citrus aurantium, the premium and proven caffeineless stimulant Zynamite at 300mg, and 150mg of the quality NeuroPEA edition of eria jarensis. Again, caffeine is in the mix and at a robust amount where you get 325mg of caffeine anhydrous and 100mg of Infinergy di-caffeine malate, combining for a potent 400mg of caffeine.

It is extremely clear the purpose of Thank Stim For That — as obvious as Thank Pump For That — and the formula only backs that up with six common and reliable ingredients that’ll quickly hit you with uplifting energy, power you through your workout, and keep your mind on the task at hand. Not too surprisingly, considering its fairly simple but most definitely effective set of ingredients, the price of Thank Stim For That isn’t that expensive, coming in at £24.99 (32.03 USD).