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Fitspire’s latest protein creation opts for a more lean gainer-style nutrition profile

Fitspire Evika Fit Pro Plus Whey

Fitspire in India has released another entry in the protein powder category, or at least a subcategory of that space, which is a place it already has plenty of supplements in, like Advanced Isolate Gold Whey, Super Whey Protein, Super Gold King Whey, and now Evika Fit Pro Plus Whey. It’s a little hard to figure out what exactly is in the product, although going off the few details the brand has shared, we’re gathering it’s different from its other protein supplements by being a lean gainer of sorts.

Fitspire’s Evika Fit Pro Plus Whey promises 36g of protein in a moderately sized and scaleable 100g serving. That protein is said to be powered primarily by whey, and while we don’t know the amount of carbohydrates and fat in the serving, that 100g has a calorie count of 375, suggesting there is a lot more to it than just protein. At 375 calories a serving, Evika Fit Pro Plus has 231 calories from macronutrients that aren’t protein, which we’re suspecting are mostly carbs, putting it in that lean gainer space.

As mentioned, there are already plenty of protein powders available from Fitspire, so Evika Fit Pro Plus entering the fray as a lean gainer with more than just protein, does make sense. The serving is quite versatile and scaleable too with the 36g of protein to 375 calories, and fans in India can already get their hands on it. The calorie-dense supplement comes in a moderately sized 4lb tub and an intriguing but fitting flavor for the Indian market with Kesar Pista, inspired by the saffron and pistachio dessert of the same name.

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