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Relentless innovation is on the way from Inlead Nutrition thanks to legendary Got7 founder

Inlead Nutrition From Got7 Nutrition Founder

One of the most legendary functional food companies when it comes to innovation is undoubtedly Got7 Nutrition, as, during its time on the market, it took as many familiar foods and formats as it could and turned them into better-for-you or high-protein treats and snacks. The German brand did eventually change hands and was acquired by The Quality Group — the company behind ESN, Vayu, and More Nutrition — then shortly after that, it was disbanded, and its online store was dropped.

Got7 Nutrition has been notoriously missed, as it showed time and time again, year after year, just what kind of foods, snacks, and treats could simply be made better. The innovator made the most delicious protein chips we’d ever tried; it even did nachos accompanied by low-calorie salsa, decadent protein pralines, ridiculously delicious blocks of protein chocolate, and actual sausages that were higher in protein. You also can’t forget its low-calorie sauces in a full family of flavors, which was the best we’d ever had, and its advent calendars, which were about four feet tall and loaded with unreleased items.

Inlead Nutrition Cookie Dream

The reason we’re bringing all of this history and functional food memories is that the innovation of the legendary Got7 Nutrition is making a return. An original founder of the German powerhouse and truly the passionate mind that drove most of the boundary-breaking creations, he is back in the industry with a whole new brand. Inlead Nutrition is the creation of the Got7 founder, and it bleeds innovation, including low-sugar dessert-style cookies, protein-packed peanut butter cups, protein chips as enjoyable as Got7 once had, no added sugar chocolate coins, and low-sugar cereal featuring gooey-center pieces.

The Inlead Nutrition catalog is still relatively new and extensive, although the brand has assured us that it is only just getting started. With the creative mind that powered Got7 Nutrition throughout its years of existence and unforgettable innovation, we can’t wait to see where it goes from here and the products it has cooking. Inlead has plenty of sports nutrition supplements available as well, like an EAA-based amino, clear protein powder, and health essentials, all of which you can see for yourself at