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MuscleTech makes a limited run of its Scorpion’s Inferno extreme hot sauce from April Fools’ Day

Muscletech Makes Chef Rushs Scorpions Inferno

AlphaTest Thermo XTR is MuscleTech’s hybrid, fat-burning testosterone booster that combines reliable ingredients for both sides of the experience. The legacy sports nutrition name combines a solid single-gram dose of carnitine tartrate, 40mg of CaloriBurn grains of paradise, and 62mg of aXivite to support weight loss. Then, powering the testosterone-optimizing side of the supplement, you get 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, 10mg of boron, and 75mg of longjack, plus innovative Enfinity for caffeine-free energy.

MuscleTech has sent out special edition box sets of AlphaTest Thermo XTR this month, and inside those bundles is a full-size bottle of the hybrid testosterone booster and a couple of surprise items. One of those is a steak branding iron with MuscleTech’s logo to show your love for the brand on your meat. There is also a bottle of something that was originally shared on April Fools’ Day in Chef Rush’s Scorpion’s Inferno Hot Sauce, intended as a prank, but for the AlphaTest Thermo boxes, it’s become a reality.

MuscleTech won’t be stocking or selling its Chef Rush collaboration Scorpion’s Inferno Hot Sauce anywhere; it was purely produced for the AlphaTest Thermo XTR bundles, so only influencers and ambassadors will have the chance of owning and tasting the unique piece of MuscleTech history.

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