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Panda’s packed-out Skull pre-workout welcomes a third flavor blending lemon and lime

Panda Cranial Smash Skull

Skull is one of Panda Supplements’ handful of pre-workouts currently out on the market, which made its official debut eight months ago, and it is packed full of highly-effective ingredients and dosages. Directly from the reputable brand’s online store, the product will cost you $54.99, and you get every bit of that price in the formula. Skull is not short on highlights with 8g of citrulline malate, 600mg of alpha-gpc, 3g of tyrosine, rhodiola, CognatiQ, Senactiv, DMAE, lion’s mane, rhodiola, and a strong 400mg of caffeine.

Again, Panda Supplements is not short on anything in its pre-workout Skull, and it is about to reinforce that statement this week with the launch of yet another flavor for the product. The well-rounded product was released in two tastes, Insane In The Membrane, a lemon blueberry pineapple experience and Skull Crusher, blending dragonfruit and watermelon. Making it three flavors is another uniquely named creation in Cranial Smash, live now at, and it is a classic citrus recipe, mixing lemon and lime.