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Limited edition OxyWhey only available for Christmas

Dec 13, 2016 | EHP Labs
gingerbread cookie oxywhey

Like a few other companies have done this year, EHP Labs has put together a limited edition Christmas flavor for one of its supplements. The product getting the special treatment for the holiday season is the brand’s protein powder OxyWhey, which does already have quite the menu with six flavors to choose from.

EHP Labs introduces its 8 supplement Fat Loss & Weight Management Series

Oct 6, 2016 | EHP Labs
ehp labs

Back at the Olympia Expo EHP Labs really came out and surprised us by officially unveiling more supplements than anyone else at the event. From what we could see the brand had six entirely new products on display, one of which was the protein powder IsoPept Zero it dropped exactly one week ago. As it turns out EHP has a lot more than expected, as those remaining five supplements have just been released alongside three others.

EHP Labs Olympia unveiled IsoPept Zero now available for pre-order

Sep 29, 2016 | EHP Labs
isopept zero

At this year’s Olympia Expo EHP Labs actually surprised us quite a bit, as it had six entirely new supplements on display. The list of items spotted included the protein powder IsoPept Zero, the self explanatory products Joint Flex, Cleanse, and Vitamins, and Men’s and Women’s versions of the stimulant free fat burner OxyRem. The brand has now made one of those six available for pre-order through its website, with the protein powder IsoPept Zero.


EHP Labs hits the Olympia Expo with six new supplements

Sep 17, 2016 | EHP Labs
isopept zero

EHP Labs, a brand we first come across when we were down under in Australia, is here this year at the 2016 Olympia Expo and with a lot more than we expected. When we stopped by its booth not only did we see all of its usual supplements such as OxyWhey, Beyond BCAA, and RPMax, but we also came across a whole bunch of seemingly new ones.

OxyWhey gets a more than double size 5lb in 3 of its 6 flavors

Aug 12, 2016 | EHP Labs

EHP Labs has just revealed and put up for pre-order, a much larger tub size of its protein powder competitor OxyWhey. Previously the supplement was only available in the one 2lb option, which was actually added to back in March with three more flavors in Banana Bliss, Mocha, and Swiss Chocolate. The new OxyWhey tub does go in the right direction, with EHP introducing a more than double size 5lb packing a total of 75 servings.

RP Max Review: EHP doesn’t even get close to its competitors

Jul 26, 2016 | EHP Labs
ehp rp max review

Every now and then we get our hands on supplements from outside of the US, which usually come from the likes of Australia or somewhere in Europe. Over the past few weeks we’ve actually been putting an Australian pre-workout to the test, with EHP Labs’ RP Max. While the area does have its restrictions we have seen some great pre-workouts come from there, although unfortunately RP Max is not one of them.


Beyond BCAA now available in Mango and Passionfruit

Mar 23, 2016 | EHP Labs
beyond bcaa

Going from its three new flavors for OxyWhey last month to its two entirely new supplements PSI and RPMax earlier this month. EHP Labs has now gone back to doing what it did in February by introducing a couple more flavors for a current product. As you can see in the image above the supplement the brand has decided to give back to this time around is its complex recovery formula Beyond BCAA.


EHP Labs unveils its stimulant powered pre-workout RP Max

Mar 2, 2016 | EHP Labs
rp max

Following on from the unveiling of its stimulant free pre-workout PSI, EHP Labs’ has now also unveiled a stimulant powered pre-workout formula. The name of the supplement is RP Max, which has of course been designed to be stacked with the stimulant free PSI. In total the latest product from EHP features 10 main ingredients, with a few extra vitamins thrown in on top.


EHP Labs PSI set to take on the stimulant free pre-workout market

Feb 26, 2016 | EHP Labs
ehp labs psi

EHP Labs has just unveiled as well as somewhat detailed an all new pre-workout supplement it has coming soon called PSI. The upcoming product is a stimulant free formula and like most taking on that area of the industry, PSI has been designed to deliver a good pump. We did say EHP has somewhat detailed its latest innovation, which by that we mean it hasn’t released the supplement’s facts panel but it has confirmed its combination of ingredients.


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