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Complete the quiz by correctly deformulating the facts panel, and go in the draw to win a $100 gift card for a stash of supplements from Tiger Fitness. You get five chances to get everything right with at least 24 hours between entries.

If you successfully deformulate the label and get the dosages correct, you earn a maximum of one entry toward the gift card. The game resets weekly with a new label to figure out and prize to be won.

Weekly contests will return the week of March 4th while we attend the Arnold Sports Festival and catch up on all of the prize winners.

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Extra little details

Deformulator is based on the guesswork that goes into reading a proprietary blend, something commonly used in health and sports supplements. A proprietary blend is a group of ingredients listed with a total dose of all of the ingredients combined, as opposed to telling you exactly how much of each one.

When you play Deformulator, we make up a blend of ingredients, give you the total weight of it all, and ask you to guess via multiple choice what the dosages of each ingredient are. We do make them sensible amounts unless otherwise stated, and if you can correctly enter the dosages of each ingredient, you go in the draw.

There are some important details worth knowing about proprietary blends, such as the ingredients inside are listed from highest dose to lowest. You can also get a blend inside a blend, common in protein powders, where a blend’s combined dose may be in order, but then its ingredients have their own amounts.