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Gorilla Mind adds more for performance and hydration in its repositioned peri-workoutg

Gorilla Mode Intra

MuscleBlaze introduces CreAbsorb for better creatine absorption but doesn’t provide much information

Muscleblaze Creamp

Nutrex highlights a move to all nine EAAs and pure citrulline for its Outlift Clinical refresh

Nutrex 2024 Version Of Outlift Clinical Coming Soon

Black Magic goes extra comprehensive in its limited premium pre-workout BZRK Overdrive

Black Magic Bzrk Overdrive

Three tasty flavors coming later this month for Naughty Boy’s standalone creatine

Naughty Boy Flavored Creatine

MM Sports put Creapure into capsules under its more basic house brand Body Science

Body Science Premium Creatine

Jacked Factory re-enters the pump pre-workout space with a bit of focus and performance

Jacked Factory Nitric Surge

Kevin Levrone combines creatine and HMB in an extension for its Silver Line

Levrone Levrolegendary Crea Fusion

Polarity hits the market with three products and is exclusively for mom-and-pop stores

Introducing Polarity Supplements

White Lion Labs makes standalone creatine its first simple supplement

White Lion Labs Creatine

Happy Way adds standalone creatine, glutamine and magnesium offerings to its lifestyle line

Happy Way Glutamine Creatine Magnesium