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Agmatine Sulfate

When agmatine sulfate was first introduced to the industry, it was promoted as an effective growth hormone stimulator and insulin mimetic. While evidence suggests that these claims are correct, agmatine became a sensation when it was introduced in the pre-workout category for its powerful nitric oxide boosting capabilities.

Agmatine has garnered so many rave reviews that many consider it an absolute staple and that no pre-workout is complete without it.


What it does

Agmatine has been shown to increase nitric oxide[1], increase insulin sensitivity[2], reduce the sensation of pain[3], and increase growth hormone[4].

How it works

Agmatine increases nitric oxide due to its ability to bind to cell surface imidazoline receptors, and on endothelial cells, thereby increasing NO production by increasing cytosolic calcium levels.

When I(2)-imidazoline receptors are activated, insulin action is intensified, making users more sensitive to insulin release in the body.


Average dosing suggestions for agmatine range from 500mg to 2g/day. Studies have gone as high as 3.56g/day and found no serious side effects. Most users find a dose of 1g-1.5g sufficient to elicit strong pumps during training.