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AMP Citrate

As the FDA continues its war on seemingly every stimulant short of caffeine, AMP citrate was released into the dietary supplement industry out of necessity.

When DMAA first left the market, a large void was created for an intense stimulant that could provide similar effects, and as a result, AMP citrate came into prominence.

What it does

Due to extremely low human evidence on this compound, anecdotal evidence is all that is currently available in regards to what AMP citrate can provide us. Users report powerful energy, strong focus, and a mild euphoric feeling.

How it works

AMP citrate works, in theory, through the same lines as DMAA, yet not as potently. This makes it a neurological stimulant, as it works by releasing the powerful neurotransmitter norepinephrine, in addition to dopamine. Increased levels of these two hormones can increase our level of attention, focus, energy, motivation, and mental alertness.


Standard dosing of AMP citrate lays between 200-400mg taken 30-45 minutes pre-workout. More recent products have begun upping their dosage of this compound in an effort to win the never-ending stimulant “arms race” and single doses of 600-680mg can be found.

Start with 200mg to assess your tolerance, and increase dosing from there.