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Apple Cider Vinegar

If there has ever been a “jack of all trades” ingredient, apple cider vinegar is it. Talk to just about any health conscious person, and they’ll tell you that they use apple cider vinegar for a seemingly endless list of benefits.

While the ingredient does lack landmark studies in humans, all signs currently point to it being an extremely effective way to simply “stay healthy”, and since it is incredibly cheap, there is absolutely no reason not to be adding it to your daily regimen.

What it does

As previously mentioned apple cider vinegar has seemingly limitless benefits. Animal models show it capable of beneficially modifying cholesterol and lipid profiles while reducing kidney and liver oxidative stress[1], acting as a powerful anti-fungal agent[2], potentially enhancing weight loss[3][4], increasing testosterone in males[5], and if you look hard enough, much more.

How it works

Due to the lack of in-depth human studies, the multitude of mechanisms of action behind apple cider vinegar is not currently known. Despite human studies being the benchmark for proving an ingredients value, apple cider vinegar stands in a unique category as there is strong faith behind it from medical experts even with the lack of studies.


There is no current agreed upon “set dosage” for apple cider vinegar benefits; however, a current rule of thumb is to begin with one tablespoon three times daily. Due to the low cost and extreme safety of this compound, one should limit themselves only by how much they can “stomach” as the harsh taste of pure vinegar can be unpleasant.