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Black Pepper Extract

When you hear “black pepper” you probably think of the shaker on your dinner table. While it is the second most popular spice/flavor enhancer behind salt, black pepper contains a well studied and proven ingredient known as piperine which has displayed beneficial characteristics which can enhance the benefits of other drugs and supplements.

What it does

Piperine has been shown to increase the bioavailability of certain compounds by extreme amounts. One of the most proven and impressive ingredients that pairs well with piperine is curcumin, as it increases absorption rates by over 2,000%[1].

How it works

Piperine works by altering the way our body metabolizes certain drugs and supplements. It accomplishes this by inhibiting a process known as glucuronidation which is responsible for attaching a molecule of glucuronide to chemicals in the body to signal that they need to be excreted via urination.

Piperine also helps by inhibiting gastric clearance, allowing the stomach to have a longer time to digest and more effectively absorb nutrients/drugs[2].


The optimal dose of piperine via black pepper extract is 20mg. Many supplement companies offer 5-10mg of the compound in single servings, so be aware of this when looking for benefits from this compound.