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Carnitine L-Tartrate

At this point, just about every form of carnitine is extremely popular in the dietary supplement industry; carnitine l-tartrate however, is more than likely the most effective form for producing tangible results in the gym.

What it does

Carnitine L-Tartrate has been shown to significantly enhance recovery from exercise[1], improve the hormonal response to exercise and increase total androgen receptor number[2], and reduce muscular damage during exercise[3].

How it works

Carnitine L-Tartrate is able to provide its benefits thanks to its extremely high rate of bioavailability. Traditional l-carnitine, unfortunately, suffers from low bioavailability which means the body is unable to absorb it well. Carnitine L-Tartrate combats this issue by chemically bonding l-carnitine with tartaric acid, and as a result, the body is capable of utilizing both ingredients at a much higher rate.

Although exact mechanisms of action are still yet to be understood, we know carnitine l-tartrate works through two main anabolic mechanisms which work in symbiosis with one another. It offers your body the ability to experience less physical damage while exercising. By going through less physical stress, the body is also able to repair and recover more effectively which in turn helps catalyze the body into producing more androgen receptors.

The higher the level of androgen receptors present in muscle tissue, the larger the chance of testosterone and various other anabolic hormones in your body have of activating these receptors. The more androgen receptors you have activated, the bigger the signal for anabolism which means more muscle growth.


The recommended dose for carnitine l-tartrate is 2,000mg per day with a maximum dose of 4,000mg per day. A full 2,000-4,000mg can be taken at once or split up throughout the day as desired.