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Cissus Quadrangularis

Most commonly referred to simply as “cissus” this herb one of the most popular joint support/repair products available on the market today. Originally utilized in Ayurveda medicine, it has now become mainstream in the US supplement market.

Despite being used predominantly in joint based products, there may be potential for numerous other benefits from this ingredient, and may soon be considered a “staple” in many supplement users regiment.

What it does

Cissus quadrangularis has been shown to reduce joint pain[1], increase proliferation and differentiation of bone cells[2], enhance healing of bone fractures[3], and reduce inflammation[4].

How it works

The exact mechanism of action for cissusis quadrangularis is not currently known due to the small amount of studies associated with it. A current theory is that one of the active constituents 6’-O-trans-cinnamoyl-catapol found in the herb naturally, has been noted to have osteogenic or bone growing hardening/thickening properties which would lend credence to its ability to help heal bone fractures.

It is also theorized that cissus can reduce inflammation due to antioxidants found within it, that activate heme oxygenase, as well as tannins which may act as COX inhibitors.


The single study on humans showing reduced joint pain utilized a daily dose of 3,200mg. Anecdotal reports claim 1-2g of the herb shows benefits for joint pain relief.

For best results, consume 1,000-4,000mg/day split up between 2-3 doses.