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One of the more common ingredients in nootropic type of formulas is some form of choline, thanks to its ability to increase levels of acetyl-choline, our most prominent neurotransmitter. Of all the various forms of choline, none have shown to be nearly as effective as citicoline (CDP-choline), one of the absolute best options for mental and nootropic benefits.

What it does

Citicoline has been shown to increase one’s ability to pay attention[1] and enhance memory/reduce cognitive decline[2][3]. Outside the realm of nootropic benefits, citicoline appears to be able to reduce appetite when taken in large doses[4], as well as potentially help reduce cravings for those suffering from cocaine addiction[5].

How it works

Citicoline can provide benefits thanks to increasing levels of choline and uridine in the body. Increasing choline allows the body to produce more acetyl-choline which helps the brain more efficiently communicate with the body as well as increase memory formation.
Uridine offers neuroprotection for the brain, helping to eliminate common symptoms of cognitive decline such as memory loss.


Citicoline is effective in doses of 250mg-2,000mg in healthy adults. For best results, take 250mg-1000mg two times daily, with the doses being 8-12 hours apart. For acute effects, use citicoline 30-60 minutes in a bolus dose before requiring the desired benefits.