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Dandelion Extract

Taraxacum officinale or dandelion is commonly thought of as an unwanted pest in people’s lawns. While we may like to rid our green grass from the unsightly yellow and eventually white weeds, this plant does hold promise for beneficial effects in certain instances for dietary supplements.

What it does

Dandelion is found a lot in “detox” themed products, and occasionally in fat burners thanks to its ability to increase water removal or diuresis[1]. While human data on this plant is limited, anecdotal reports show strong evidence that dandelion does, in fact, cause extreme reductions in water stores in the body.

How it works

The most probable mechanism of action for dandelion’s diuretic like effects rests in its high potassium content[2]. This increased level of potassium can decrease stored sodium levels, causing your body to release excess water stores more than it normally would.


Dandelion extract should be consumed at doses of 500mg-3000mg per day, split into two daily doses. Due to the potential fast acting nature of this ingredient, it is suggested to follow label directions closely and to increase the dosage until desired effects are noted.