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Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

Just about everyone is looking for nootropic (mind boosting) compounds which can take their workouts and everyday lives to a new level. Whether it be for school, work, or better focus in the gym, nootropics can help all of us in one way shape or form.

DMAE is one of the oldest and most widely used mind enhancing compounds out there, and thanks to its numerous benefits coupled with its unquestionable legality, this is one truly effective compound.

What it does

DMAE is a naturally occurring compound that helps our body increase acetylcholine levels via the production of choline[1].

As a result of the increase in acetylcholine, DMAE can cause better mental concentration, more restful sleep, reduction of total sleep time needed, and potentially enhanced muscle tone/lean body mass[2] .

How it works

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which helps allow for the communication/signaling between brain cells. This specific neurotransmitter is of the utmost importance to athletes as it is used primarily at the neuromuscular junction, which means it helps motor neurons in the nervous system to signal activation of muscle cells[3].

When one has higher than normal levels of acetylcholine, it allows their brain to act more efficiently, thereby increasing concentration and focus, and in the instance of acetylcholine, activate higher levels of muscle fibers during exercise which can lead to greater results from resistance training.


Assess your tolerance by starting with a 100mg dose of DMAE approximately 30-45 minutes prior to the desired effects. Once tolerance has been determined, proper dosing is 100-300mg in a single bolus dosage.