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Dynamine™ is methylliberine, a purine alkaloid found in the kucha tea leaf (camelia assamica var. Kucha) and the Cupuaçu fruit (theobroma grandiflorum). Chemically, it is a member of the methylurate family, not the methylxanthine family that caffeine belongs to.

What it does

Dynamine™ is believed to enhance feelings of energy, mood, and focus, but with a fast onset of action at a high magnitude. Most users report a “full spectrum” sensory experience using the combination of caffeine, Dynamine™, and TeaCrine® together.

Compound Solutions, and its partner holding the Intellectual Property, are the first in the world to fund research to help establish the safety and efficacy of methylliberine (aka Dynamine™) in humans. The partners are pioneering this compound by sponsoring research at three different universities throughout the United States.

How it works

Like TeaCrine®, preclinical data has shown that Dynamine™ doesn’t raise heart rate or blood pressure. Ongoing research has also revealed greatly enhanced feelings of energy, mood, and focus that occur very soon after ingestion. Although the precise mechanisms responsible for these effects are under investigation, researchers believe Dynamine™ activates dopamine receptors, inhibits adenosine receptors, and may also influence norepinephrine and GABA signaling pathways.

Dynamine’s onset of action occurs in about 20-25 minutes, and its duration of action appears to be around three hours. The researchers suspect that the presence of an extra methoxy group found in Dynamine’s chemical structure is responsible for the observed elevated pharmacodynamic impact and pharmacokinetic experience.


When used in isolation, 150-200 mg of Dynamine™ provides a profound sensory experience for most people. When used in combination with caffeine (i.e. 150-300 mg doses that are common in pre-workout formulas), 50-125 mg of Dynamine™ appears to be the “sweet spot” for maximum effectiveness.

This information was put together with the help of the company behind Dynamine™, Compound Solutions.