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If you’ve wanted an ingredient which claims it is not a one trick pony and can accomplish just about every potential benefit you can think of. Fenugreek definitely should be at or near the top of your list of must try compounds.

Most commonly seen in testosterone boosting formulations, the potential behind this herb goes well beyond a simple task.

What it does

Studies show fenugreek is effective at increasing libido[1], reducing blood glucose levels[2], lowering body fat while simultaneously increasing free & total testosterone[3], and enhancing insulin sensitivity[4].

How it works

Fenugreek contacts furostanols which may have androgenic effects, allowing them to activate androgen receptors, spurring gains in muscle size and strength. The current mechanism of action for how fenugreek may raise testosterone is not currently well understood.

Fenugreek’s active component 4-hydroxyisoleucine is a potentiator of insulin secretion[5], meaning it helps the body to release more insulin and thereby causing blood sugar levels to drop.


The most common form of fenugreek is a standardized form known as “Testofen”. For testosterone enhancement, doses of 500-600mg/day are suggested.

If being used for glycemic benefits, the amount of 4-hydroxyisoleucine provided in the product matters most. Aim for 30-120mg/day, starting with a low dose to asses tolerance before moving to larger doses. Too large of a dose may cause unwanted side effects such as light headedness, dizziness, and upset stomach.