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Gamma-Butryobetaine or more simply referred to as GBB, is a semi-new ingredient in the supplement world and is only just starting to achieve fame and popularity. It is best known for its purported ability to increase the body temperature of users which causes them to sweat and feel warm.

What it does

The actual results of GBB are purely anecdotal at this point due to the low level of human studies currently available. From what is known about the compound, it should help increase weight loss yet it may prove to offer additional benefits not yet understood.

How it works

GBB works as a precursor to l-carnitine which is a critical component in fat metabolism. Increasing levels of l-carnitine found within the body can help lipids/fats be transported from the cytosol into the mitochondria where they are then able to be burned and ultimately used as energy by the body[1].


Current dosing suggestions on this compound are between 25-50mg per serving. Users should expect a very large increase in their perceived body temperature at the 50mg dose range, and should not be concerned by this.

There is not currently an upper range established for GBB; however, currently, one should look to not exceed 75-100mg each day until more research surfaces.