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goBHB™ is beta-hydroxybutyrate, a patented, non-carbohydrate energy ingredient called a ketone. When eating a very low-carb diet, or when fasting, the liver converts fats to ketones, which serve as an alternative energy source for the brain, heart, and muscles. goBHB™ is an exogenous ketone body that, when ingested, may help with endurance, satiety, and cognition.

What it does

goBHB™ has four primary benefits including glycogen and leucine sparing endurance, weight management, improved cognition, and it is patent protected.

goBHB™ also aids in the transition to nutritional ketosis. When the body is switching from burning carbs to burning fat, you may feel fatigued and mentally cloudy from the “keto flu.” goBHB™ can give you the cognitive and physical energy to avoid the keto flu during this transition period.

Those not in ketosis can still benefit from goBHB™. Some examples of that are use in the morning for energy, satiety, and cognition. Mixed with a pre-workout for improved endurance and performance, or as a non-carbohydrate energy boost while on a low carb diet.

How it works

goBHB™ increases cognition, performance, and weight management by raising and sustaining blood ketone levels. The process helps satiate by regulating blood sugar, improving athletic performance by sparing glycogen and leucine for longer workouts, and boosts cognition by supplying a quick source of energy that the brain burns preferentially over carbs.


The ideal blood ketone level is between 1 -2 mmol. To achieve 1-2 mmol blood ketone concentrations using goBHB™ alone, most consider the optimal dose around 12 grams.


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This information was put together with the help of the creator of TeaCrine, Compound Solutions.