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Green Coffee Bean

Made popular worldwide by the infamous “Dr. Oz”, green coffee bean extract has become a household word in an extremely short time frame.

While green coffee beans and traditional coffee beans contain similar active ingredients, green coffee beans provide a much higher content of the chemical known as chlorogenic acid. This compound is purported to offer the extremely popular weight loss benefits possible from this extract.

What it does

Green coffee bean extract has evidence suggesting it can help decrease body weight[1], decrease blood pressure[2], and offer cardio-protective benefits via reduction of homocysteine[3].

How it works

Chlorogenic acid, the main constituent found in green coffee bean extract, is a phytochemical that has been claimed to be able to reduce blood sugar levels, and act as an anti-diabetic. By reducing our circulating levels of blood sugar, our body is less inclined to produce and release insulin. Lowering our insulin levels can prevent the body from storing body fat, thus helping us lose stored fat, and preventing us from storing more.


Studies indicate that green coffee bean extract should be consumed to provide a minimum of 120-300mg of chlorogenic acid. To mimic the weight loss study shown below, a dose of 440-495mg is required.