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Huperzine A

In the ever-growing world of nootropic mind enhancers, users continue to look for compounds which allow them to be more focused or “dialed in” and huperzine A is one of a handful of compounds which appear to be leading the pack. Users looking for better focus, mental clarity, drive, and improved memory should try huperzine A without a second thought.

What it does

Although there is a wide array of data behind huperzine A, there is unfortunately not much in regards to its usage as a focus enhancer. What the science does tell us however is that huperzine A is effective at improving cognition or mental functioning[1], enhancing memory and learning performance[2], and may be a surprisingly unique way to help combat the use of cocaine addiction[3].

How it works

Despite not having any groundbreaking studies on athletes showing how great huperzine A can help us focus, we do know it should, in fact, accomplish this thanks to its main benefit of being an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor[4]. This mechanism of action allows it to stop the enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine from doing its job, allowing us to keep acetylcholine levels in our brain elevated for longer periods of time.

Elevated acetylcholine levels help our cognition and focus as it is a primary neurotransmitter and increasing levels can help the brain work more efficiently and effectively.


Suggested dosing of huperzine A is 50-200mcg daily. For acute benefits, the entire dose can be taken at once (traditionally 30-45 minutes prior to workouts), while smaller more frequent dosing can be used for more sustained results.