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InnoSlim® is a stimulant free weight loss ingredient proven in multiple pre-clinical studies and a human clinical (pending publication) to increase adiponectin and subsequent AMPK activation. Isolated from multiple, purified fractions of astragalus membranaceous and panax notoginseng plants InnoSlim® focuses on the foundational root cause of weight management: optimal cellular fat utilization.


What it does

InnoSlim®’s working theories are increased circulating adiponectin and enhanced adiponectin works to activate AMPK for optimal fat utilization by each cell. InnoSlim® has both a 28-day toxicity study and is GRAS affirmed. It is also Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport certified for competitive athletes.

How it works

We all have that athletic friend who can eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound of fat. If we looked very closely at enzymes and hormones in our said friend, we would find a higher amount of adiponectin. Adiponectin is an athletic enzyme that is released from our fat cells once they are properly fed.

InnoSlim® initially diminishes almost half of extra glucose from being absorbed into our midsection. It then drives the remaining glucose directly into our adipocyte (fat cells) to give more raw material to convert into adiponectin. Once we secrete more adiponectin (with InnoSlim® more than double in-vitro*) we reprogram our body to have a balanced metabolism via AMPK activation.

InnoSlim® supports our body to help it adapt to fats and carbs and then uses proper amounts to optimally fuel fat cells, muscle cells, and balance satiety hormones.


The optimal dose of InnoSlim® is 500mg. In the human clinical, we found statistically significant results as low as 250mg daily.


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This information was put together with the help of the creator of InnoSlim, NuLiv Science.