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Simply put, 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin or just laxogenin, is a steroid. No, not an illegal anabolic steroid like we usually hear about, but a plant steroid known as a sapogenin.

While some may think plant steroids are useless in humans, initial data has suggested that laxogenin may bring with it the same anabolic to androgenic ratio as the fabled Anavar[1], while offering no shutdown or liver toxicity.

What it does

Theoretical mechanism of action and anecdotal reports indicate laxogenin should provide increases in lean body mass gains, enhanced strength, and improved body composition.

How it works

Due to low human studies on this compound, little is proven in regards to its mechanism(s) of action. Despite this, the current theory is that laxogenin and related compounds enhance protein synthesis and prevent protein catabolism through initiation Akt phosphorylation[2].


Due to zero liver toxicity and an excellent safety profile, laxogenin dosing is limited primarily by ones finances. Daily doses of 50-150mg split between 3-6 doses are suggested. For those looking to maximize results, users have reported taking up to 300mg/day without any perceived side effects.