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PeakO2™ is an organic-certified, patent-pending blend of adaptogens, which allows athletes to “adapt” to and overcome physical and mental stress. PeakO2 elevates peak power output, improves VO2 max/economy and extends time-to-exhaustion for longer, stronger, more effective workouts. PeakO2 is Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport certified.

What it does

In two separate human clinical studies, PeakO2™ has been shown to improve workout duration, time to fatigue, maximum power output and peak strength, anaerobic peak power, and oxygen utilization during exercise (better endurance). It’s also been shown to improve exercise capacity, in other words, fewer heart beats per minute, meaning the heart did more work with less effort which led to an increase in “work capacity”.

In a clinical study at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, competitive athletes supplementing with 4g/day of PeakO2 improved their Peak Power Output by 17.6% over baseline after only seven days. In this same study 28 subjects underwent a six-minute high-intensity cycle ride and a three-minute all-out cycle test. The PeakO2 group improved its time to exhaustion by 70 seconds from baseline, compared to a 5-second improvement in the placebo group.

The 2018 College of Charleston clinical study showed that longer duration, lower dose, supplementation of PeakO2, 1g-2g/day for 28 days, improved endurance performance in healthy young adults. While it takes 28g of PeakO2 loading to see clinical exercise gains, it takes approximately 179g of beta-Alanine. PeakO2 is much faster-acting, and anecdotal evidence suggests benefits even before hitting the 28g threshold.

How it works

PeakO2™ increases your body’s ability to uptake oxygen and use it more efficiently. It improves the maximum volume of oxygen athletes can use over a period of time (VO2 max) while helping them use that oxygen more efficiently. It also helps improve performance at sub-maximal oxygen uptake (aka VO2 economy).

The mushrooms in Peak02 are powerful adaptogens, which allow athletes to “adapt” to and overcome physical and mental stress. This is that extra edge athletes want to take their training to the next level. Peak02’s mushroom strains are grown on organic whole oats – a unique process that preserves peak bioactivity for maximum performance.


Studies have shown that the clinical benefits of PeakO2™ start after consuming 28g. That can be 1g/day for 28 days, 2g/day for 14 days, etc, etc.



This information was put together with the help of the creator of PeakO2, Compound Solutions.