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Tart Cherry

Tart cherry extract has received a high amount of media and industry praise as of late due to potential benefits for enhancing both recovery rates and sleep. Although human studies are currently limited, there does appear to be ample science to lend credibility to these claims, and should one be looking for a way to recover quicker and get a better nights rest, tart cherry may be a perfect choice.

What it does

Tart cherry has numerous studies showing its ability to increase recovery rates, reduce muscle soreness, and help support strength levels during recovery[1][2]. Additional benefits of this plant include reduced inflammatory responses to training[3], as well as helping to increase sleep duration and quality in healthy adults[4].

How it works

Tart cherry helps reduce muscle soreness and speed the rate of recovery through the reduction of inflammatory response normally experienced from intense exercise. While inflammation is a necessary step for muscle recovery and growth, reducing it slightly can help the athlete feel less sore and ready to perform again in a shorter window of time. Tart cherry has been shown to help users sleep thanks to its ability to increase naturally produced melatonin.


Standard dosing for tart cherry begins at 500mg, and doses of 2,000mg/day are not uncommon. For best results, try 500mg approximately 60 minutes before exercise to assess results. Higher dosing can provide enhanced benefits, with two daily doses of 500-1,000mg upon waking and 500m-1,000mg 8-12 hours later.