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Get a Nitric Blast for your workouts, SNI throw their Jack3d version onto the scene

SNI one of the new boys on the scene have hit the mainstream now. With the previous shot of their new label marketing. The hardcore series seems to be sporting the black suit. The new product that has hit the posts is their replacement for Nitric Blast. A pre-workout that has undergone the concentrate remix. Clicking in geranium, caffeine and some smart looking creatine. This product seems to be at a price that is just not able to be beaten. SNI have given it two flavours to start, pink lemonade and sour apple. This Jack3d ripper may not need to deliver on quality as much with servings at 46 it is a deal. Almost 20 – 30 percent cheaper than your average Jack3d score. So look out for this on shelves. As it was hard enough to get a picture on this product do not count on it any time soon.

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