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Muscle Juice experience, expect the unexpected a mass gainer that can deliver

The king of kings. Ultimate Nutrition from what I know created their brand from the popularity of Muscle Juice. Figured protein not being protein. A true test must be done. So a bucket of the heavy gear needs to be downed. Chocolate was always the safe way to go but as a starter Muscle Juice do not deliver on the chocolate treat front.

The powder is one of the few to pack solo, without milk or anything. 1000 calories plus. Is it necessary? Mass gainers tend to produce tubby SOBs over anything. But from the ashes of fat people skinny people can get the shock of their lives to increase that bean pole body to the frame of a X man. As with all mass gainers it fits in a load of extra ingredients. Aminos, vitamins and sometimes a little more. The trick to a true mass gainer is to have low fat and less sugars. To create a muscle building formula that will do just that. Build muscle without the excess love handles.

17g of fat is quite large. Skinny trying to gain this maybe exactly what you need. If that 17g will not do it then the 60g of sugar that make up the 162g carbs will. Post workout 50g-75g of sugar is very reasonable. Where as some mass gainers can pass as meal replaces my experience was used solely for the post. So while taking something like this you can forget about adding Cell-Tech or SizeOn to your diet, almost doubling your sugar intake post gym. Over the weeks the taste is possibly the standout. By far the most terrible tasting chocolate formula I have ingested. An overdose of sugar has created what you could call too much sweetness. This may be good for banana or strawberry but sadly my bucket was 10lbs of chocolate.

As for gains this will fill you out. Quick. Recovery is a little less. Added sugar and aminos has not boosted that feel good feeling post workout as most other products, xtend, suggest. If you are a person who gains weight and has it go straight to your biceps, quads, chest, then awesome. If however it goes to the belly. Get on a strict diet. I do suggest mass gainers for a lighter less muscular person. I knocked the dose of this down to 3 scoops over 4 giving me est. 40-45g protein. So from the 2-3kgs I have gained I would assume that only .3 of that is muscle at the maximum with just filling out taking the other.

While I treated this as a diluted mass gainer it is very much a serious protein. Stitching this thing into a stick man program would be a highly good idea. From other gainers I have had previously with next to zero results and the pregnancy look. Muscle Juice do deliver. Pure gains are hard to come by and for the larger this will give you more with the size as fat which does result in strength gains, Mass=Strength. For the skinny dead beat expect to be turning heads, approved.

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