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No hit just the miss, Muscle Meds Carnivor and their cherry vanilla

When something new reaches the surface it takes a lot of following or trust in a company to get it out there. Carnivor protein, one of the only beefs on the market is a top protein. The chocolate is outstanding and the other two of the three are awaiting trial. By other two, blue raspberry and fruit punch. The Cherry Vanilla results are in and for their latest and greatest, Muscle Meds missed heavily. It is okay when one person dislikes something. When it is universally turned out then that means something. This was put out to try to a range of 10 people and 3 of those testers females. All giving back a similar opinion. Disgusting. The smell gets the buds swirling but once that thing is liquid and enters the mouth, god damn. It is a bad after taste that kicks in after 3 seconds. Sorry Muscle Meds, back to the drawing board.

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