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Mr. O pre-judging, add the webcast to your favourites and tune in for tomorrow night

Well the heat is on. The routines are up tomorrow night under 24 hours away. The Mr. O is definitely at risk. For those who couldn’t catch the live webcast add this link to your favourites and be sure to tune in for the finals. The previous top 6 places were not far off. Minus Ronny Rockel the first line up the judges called this evening was Cutler, Heath, Greene, Jackson, Wolf and a surprising but deserving Victor Martinez. When these top guys stepped out on stage did the scene change. Especially for Greene and Heath. The gift has definitely bought his A game with Kai being the biggest set for the final here is hoping that he can cut down for the fight taking place tomorrow night. Just like the commentators mentioned. Jay Cutler as for now does not have that 5th Mr. O lined up.

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