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No more solid foods, Ultimate Nutrition’s Vegetable Greens to replace your beans

Not one to rip into hippies more then twice a day. There are people out there who just hate the idea of supplements all together. You need natural foods so on bla bla bla. This theory does run quite deep. Since then brands have fought back with top multi-vitamins and pretty much everything in between. Dietary fibre additives, fatty acid complexes, amino tabs and even carb powders. Vegetable Greens is another to hate the haters. 57 ingredients. Ultimate Nutrition have put together a supplement to do just as the title suggest. A powder to replace your greens. The flavour is as you would expect as strange as the contents, golden maple. Who knows what that tastes like. The vegetable fighter contains concentrates like, spinach, beetroot, cauliflower, carrot and even brown rice. More powder less solids. Sounds good.

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