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Become a monster, Muscle Pharm’s new Assault formula is awesome


After the empowering performance that was Muscle Pharm Assault, the new upgraded version was definitely worth a taste test. The difference from concentrates caught the attention. Showed how powerful WADA approved supplements can be. No banned substances and a boost like no other. The newer version is a lot thicker. Less servings in the tub but a lot stronger. Even though your tolerance may be so high you don’t feel the kick. You rest will come down even further. 4 minute breaks can be turned into 2 and max lifts can be achieved without so much as focusing. The unchained beast training just go upped to unearthed monster. The only downer this extra powerful version will do is give you one painful aftermath. The shakes and the itches. So although the formula has less serves the 1/2 scoop introductory trial will actually quite strong. So what’s the summary. Take less powder in your scoop and get the same result with one awesomely quick rest period. Score one for the team Muscle Pharm.

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