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MusclePharm is getting back into the business of protein bars with the Combat Sport Bar

Musclepharm Combat Sport Protein Bar

Several years ago, MusclePharm was in all sorts of sports nutrition categories, covering many important areas, including Battle Fuel for testosterone boosting, Shred Matrix for weight loss, Bullet Proof for highly effective recovery, and it even had a number of functional foods. One of the significant edible items the brand in black and green brought to market was the Combat Crunch Protein Bar, which was eventually discontinued but is about to be followed by something similar.

MusclePharm has announced it is getting back into the business of protein bars by way of the Combat Sport Protein Bar. The brand is saying it’ll be a traditional soft-baked protein snack, blending together chewy and crunchy texture, similar to the original Combat Crunch Protein Bar. Judging by pictures, it features a somewhat dense doughy base, layers of taste and texture across the top that vary from flavor to flavor; then, it’s all wrapped in decadent milk chocolate.

Musclepharm Combat Sport Protein Bar Label

The nutrition profile of the Combat Sport Protein Bar is going to be similar to other crispy and crunchy protein snacks in the same format and build, leading off with 20g of protein, primarily from whey concentrate and whey isolate. The rest of the macros are 11g of fat and a protein equivalent 20g of carbohydrates with 5g of that sugar and 5g fiber, ending on 240 calories.

MusclePharm is looking to start rolling the Combat Sport Protein bar shortly, as mentioned, putting the long-running company back into the world of functional food, where it has plenty of experience from the likes of Combat Crunch, Crisp, Protein Candies, Protein Cookie, and even Parmesan Protein Crisps. The product will have a reasonable-sized menu right out of the gate with three flavors in Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.