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It is official, BSN releases pre-orders on the new pre-workout concentrate dubbed Hyper FX

With only a few short months since the mention of it. BSN have thrown out the pre-order info. The picture is clear. Exactly what it wants to address. Concentrated supplements. As noted before, no geranium. Like Gaspari BSN want to make a message. Animal Pak followed up with their strike at the start of the year. BSN the second biggest supplement brand in the world will no doubt deal out the goods. The ingredients feature your regular energy combatants. There are few new ones in there however. Some extracts and natural goodies. Which springs to mind that this could be one of those magical combinations that just works. Muscle Pharm’s Assault, Ripped Freak, Pink Magic etc. BSN have just managed to cook up two flavours, blue raz and fruit. It is a 30 serving tub unsure if it sports the regular 3 serves max. The real punch in the gut is that you would be looking at a price cheaper then Jack3d. Look out world. BSN returns.

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