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Muscletech? Neurocore now a 189g tub, what’s the deal?

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Neurocore has a V 2.0? Well anyone who jumped in super quick on the supplement may have noticed that it sported a 171g tub. News to the world, or more like news to the underground. For some reason the new tub has undergone some facial additives. Funky little headlines and labels. Most of all a 189g tub. No change in servings no change in ingredients amounts. So what is the new ingredient? Question has been laid out. Nothing on the label gives a hint. This ingredients would add an extra .4g to your scoop. An already low serving size of 4.2g. This must surely be something worth noting. Hopes are with it being an added flavour. As Neurocore has got to be one of the sickest out there. On to you Muscletech?

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