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Supp giant Inner Armour taking the lead and putting a casein protein on display

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Optimum Nutrition are the gunners at this one. Not just with casein but will a billion other protein blends on the market today. Gainers, pro gainers. Complexes, pro complexes. Hydro isolates, soys, natural versions of almost everything. Inner Armour had a turn around on their supplements a while back with the Parisi Approved stamp. Which okayed the supps for sport use. Like Muscle Pharm. Inner Armour has been gaining popularity over the months passed and now taking a leap into the casein protein section. Their price will no doubt be better then the domination of Optimum but it is good to see a big boy stepping out of the box. Unlike others… BSN, Muscletech, Gaspari, a few to name.

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