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Gaspari to add 6 more products to their line over the next few months, what can you expect to be coming?

gaspari nutrition

Muscletech had their turn on releasing product after product. Although they got a few more before all is said and done. The break here is about Gaspari Nutrition. The big and blue have put out that along with their big announcement tomorrow there will be 5 more supps coming over the next few months. What could they be? Well for starters it could be a series. More likely though, the carb complex being one, a replacement for plasmajet. No doubt a new test booster that marks three. Mitotropin was one of the few products worldwide to include a diuretic compound so there is a possible other. Lastly expect another protein, casein. They go IntraPro and Myofusion so it could be likely. Nothing is confirmed all rumours but the new product announcement is going to give a lot of clues.

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