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Hyper FX Vs. N.O Xplode 2.0, one of the BSN pre-workouts gets reviewed and approved

Not many companies out there have done what BSN did. Muscletech have their concentrated Neurocore and powdered pumper NaNO Vapor. Nutrex got Hemo Rage concentrated and full powdered edition. Out of the giants Gaspari is the one who is behind for the first time. Though instead of hating on concentrates BSN hates on geranium. Taking an angle very similar to that of Animal with their, Animal Rage. Believing in supplements without DMAA. So this almost makes BSN’s two pre-workouts Hyper FX and N.O. Xplode 2.0 pretty much the same as concentrate ingredients are actually not really that great outside of the market champion geranium. So the question is which one is better?

N.O. Xplode has been around for some time. The killer pre-workout for years. So the fan base it built was never going to lose any of it’s loyal junkies. Jack3d took a few but not enough to kill off the second coming of the energy booster. BSN needed something to combat the concentrates though, taking a non DMAA angle has seemed to do the job. There are plenty of ingredients out there combined well enough can do what is needed to equal if not beat supps like Jack3d. Muscle Pharm’s Assault proved that. Hyper FX, the not so old concentrate should definitely do the intended damage. But with a new pre-workout released not to far apart from the second edition of Xplode was it worth it.

A good theory would be that Xplode 2.0 was pretty shit. It has taken a back seat very much like NaNO Vapor from Mtech. Largely powdered pre-workouts are not exactly the future. Especially when you are trying to make as much as BSN does. As mentioned Muscle Pharm’s Assault is not a concentrate, do note that for the amount of ingredients that the supplement has you can very much consider Assault a concentrate. Almost 4 or 5 times more then Jack3d, Hemo Rage etc. Assault could be considered a compacted scoop. So now down to the word on the pre-workouts.

N.O. Xplode 2.0 – Maybe back in the day this formula would have been ground breaking. Living in the past is not the way to pave the future. N.O. Xplode really needed some seriously tough ingredients especially to prove a point against concentrates. A reflection of it’s success would be the creation of Hyper FX. Not a fact but BSN may have put a rush on the Hyper because the sales did not pick up, instead may have dropped?

Hyper FX – Enough details and sad stories. Hyper FX is the shit. Much like Neurocore made news around the world expect the same from this. Xplode left out the pre-workout kick everybody wants and Hyper FX made up triple time. The pumps, strength and drive is all there and more. In simple tester words, “Hyper FX made everything that I normally do seem easier”. The taste is not so high up on the scale but nothing good for you ever tastes like heaven. Hyper FX will create those shorts pump filled rest periods people have come to desire. Not only that it will boost energy and focus. Pumps are not as intense as Neurocore but the energy and physical strength is so much better. The value is very much there. Though Neurocore has 45 serves, Hyper has 30 with only 2 serves maximum. So they are about equal with Hyper FX coming in cheaper then the entire pre-workout leaders. Look out Neurocore you got a nemesis. More so, look out Jack3d you now got two biters at your heals.

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